Full horsepower to ensure the supply of prevention and control medical supplies

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(Excerpted from CCTV. Infringement deleted)
CCTV news (news broadcast): In response to the epidemic, all localities have mobilized enterprises to make full use of their power during this period to ensure the production and supply of medical supplies for prevention and control.

In Wuhan Xinzhou District, in the workshop of the medical supplies manufacturer Xiezhuo Company, workers are working overtime to make medical protective clothing. The daily output here has increased from about 5,000 to 11,000. Many workers received notice of resumption of work. They all signed up enthusiastically, and the factory also arranged temporary dormitories, increased wage subsidies, and provided logistical support.
  Medical masks are essential materials for the prevention and control of the epidemic. These days, production companies everywhere are working overtime without stopping work. Liu Yicong and Chi Mingming work in a medical supplies company in Qingdao, Shandong. Although they are in the same factory, they have different positions. The couple have not seen each other for more than 10 days.

  Together with them, they stick to the front line of production, and there are more than 100 colleagues who work 24 hours a day. Today (February 1), 100,000 masks and 1 million alcohol cotton pads were sent to Wuhan.
   Race against time and hurry up production. In Tianjin, the mask filter material production line is running at full capacity and can guarantee the supply of 5 million mask filter materials every day. In Ningbo, the production workshop started ahead of schedule. In order to supplement the production capacity, administrative and logistic personnel were also trained and joined urgently.

  Making masks requires nose-pressing strips, ear straps and other raw materials, all of which need to be purchased in advance. Many places in Xinjiang will allocate purchase funds for enterprises in advance to ensure normal production. At the same time, the government also helps companies to coordinate staff enrichment from garment processing factories to the production line.
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