Heroic city heroic people

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The epidemic is ruthless and we are in the same boat. Life is still going on, and the city still needs to operate. It is also a big test to ensure all aspects of security.
The epidemic is raging and medical supplies are in short supply.
Under the coordination and promotion of the central steering group, Wuhan Xinzhou District Xiezhuo Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. resumed production ahead of schedule. Business managers keep calling, managers walking and running, front-line workers work overtime, and all production lines are fully fired. Hu Yan, assistant to the chairman of Wuhan Xiezhuo, said that on January 22, all employees of the company returned to the factory and the production line was running 24 hours. The production capacity of medical protective clothing increased from 3,000 to 18,000 per day, and the production of medical masks increased from 100,000 to 14 per day. Ten thousand.
At present, 22 medical protection material companies in Wuhan have resumed work urgently. Workers are working overtime and fighting at their posts to ensure the production and supply of epidemic prevention and control materials.
Builders are also combatants. On February 15th, there was a sudden heavy snowfall in Wuhan. A group of installation workers braved the wind and snow and rushed for work at the reconstruction site of the Fangcai Hospital on the new campus of the Hubei Provincial Party School. From the warehouse of Jiangxia Sinopharm Holding Company to Huoshenshan Hospital, from the "Wuhan Living Room" to the new campus of the Provincial Party School, this is the fourth time that Li Baoyuan, Secretary of the Party Branch of Hubei Industrial Construction Engineering General Contracting Company and his commando team of party members have moved to battle. Construction site.
"Heavy snow weather has increased the difficulty of construction, but everyone's enthusiasm has increased!" Li Baoyuan said: "We have created the speed of Vulcan Mountain, and now we have to create the speed of shelter!"
   "No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come!"
   "Retrograde angel, thank you!"
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