How to supervise hazardous chemicals at the critical moment of the war?

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"Charge ahead and take the responsibility" is the motto of emergency managers in the field of hazardous chemicals in Wuhan, Hubei. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the hazardous chemicals supervisors of the emergency management departments at all levels in Wuhan have given up the Spring Festival holiday, went against the "epidemic", stuck to their posts, did not relax the safety supervision of hazardous chemicals companies, and always worked for the chemical industry involved in the production of anti-epidemic related supplies. Pharmaceutical companies provide service guidance.
   At the same time, in order to ensure the rapid resumption and safe production of epidemic-related killing products companies, the staff of the emergency management bureaus of all districts of Wuhan insisted on going deep into the front line and doing their best to ensure service.
   On February 5th, Xiong Yiping, chief engineer of Jiangxia District Emergency Management Bureau, led a team to Lin Tao, chief engineer of Wuhan Xinzhou District Emergency Management Bureau, to conduct on-site guidance on the sanitary products disinfection project of Wuhan Xiezhuo Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. In order to effectively strengthen safety production scheduling and gain a thorough understanding of the difficulties that enterprises may have during the epidemic, the Dangerous Chemical Department of Wuhan Emergency Management Bureau insists on carrying out daily three-level scheduling at the city, district and enterprise levels to keep abreast of the safety production and epidemic prevention and control trends of each enterprise. Assist the company to solve the existing problems and difficulties at the first time, quickly coordinate and solve the problems that can be solved, and summarize and report the problems that cannot be solved in a timely manner. Think about what the company thinks and what the company is urgent, and make every effort to solve the problems for the company and ensure that the company has a normal situation during the epidemic. Orderly safe production and operation.
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