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    Product Description

    Fibre: microporous polyethylene(PE)+ polypropylene(PP)
    Width: 1.6m max
    Type: microporous PE film + spundound
    Weight: 30gsm-100gsm
    Color: white, blue, gray, purple, etc
    Application: widely used for making disposable protective products,

    such as coverall, apron, shoecover, caps, bed sheet, oversleeves, etc

    This polyethylene film has very small perforations (about 1 micron in diameter) allowing gases to pass through but
    retaining liquids.Microporous PE film is usually laminated with a spunbond layer to enhance its strength.
    It can also receive an anti-static treatment. In this configuration (anti-static treated and laminated with a layer of
    spunbond) it can be used in industries requiring lint free clothings such as electronic or painting. See our Microp
    orous PE film labcoat.


    Payment Method

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