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    Product Description

    Fiber: polyethylene (PE) / chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) +
    polypropylene (PP)
    Width: 1.6 m max
    Type: PE + spunbound film or CPE + spundond film
    Weight: 30 gsm-100 gsm
    Color: white, blue, gray, purple , etc.
    Application: widely used for making disposable protective products, such as overalls, aprons, shoe covers, caps, bed sheets,sleeves, etc

    This polyethylene film or chlorinated polyethylene film can protect workers from liquids and barriers thanks to its waterproof function.
    It is widely used for the manufacture of disposable protective products, such as suit, apron, overshoe, caps,bed sheet, oversleeves etc.PE and CPE have the silimar factors, the surface of the CPE was in relief, it is more
    wearable than the PE.


    Payment Method

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