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The health workers who are dressed in white coverall became the front-page headlines in every media since Ebola has broken out in Africa since 2014.There is no doubt that the news is absolutely true and the consequent crisis is real. This type report of disaster news photos maybe provide the material and association for the studio that films the disaster film. Meanwhile, it catches attention from the textile industry companies all around the world. Because there are many health workers who came to Africa got infected. The coverall they were dressed in can’t protect them from Ebola invaded...
Release time: 2019 - Sept - 19
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PP industry in China developed rapidly in the past 10~15 years, the next few years, the sharply growth of productivity will make China become the largest pp production country in place of America.  Early in 2008, the total PP productivity in China take up 14% of the global productivity. From 2014 to 2016, the growth of productivity is about one million tons per year.  PP fiber is mainly used in polypropylene fiber. The application of polypropylene fiber can be divided into three parts: polypropylene non woven, BCF carpet yarn, polypropylene tow for the use of cigarettes. Th...
Release time: 2017 - July - 19
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"If you are healthy, when you wear a mask, put the dark side facing out; if you're sick, put the light side out," an article of how to wear masks right has been widely spread by Microblog, netizens have said "new skill’s learnt". Reporter online has searched and found that article was reprinted in several well-known websites and hospital websites, many had believed in it. One of the netizens said, not long ago, Xiangyang city appeared continuous severe haze weather , in order to wear a mask again, this is a timely reminder. Some net users had doubted the truth : some dispos...
Release time: 2013 - Dec - 11
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