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There are about 12% fabric industry belong to non-woven fabric in India market, while the non-woven fabric industry takes up about 24% in the fabric industry all around the world. As it is reported by Indian media, the total output value of non-woven India will reach to 45 millions in 2019. The population of India is large , average to spend on non-woven fabrics in India is only $0.04 ,which can not be compared with U.S. , Europe . Although India takes up only 8% consumption of all the non-woven fabrics in the world . But the growth rate is fast . Besides , the price of labor power in Ind...
Release time: 2017 - July - 19
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Global Industry Analysts Inc report, as the demand of consumer usage and the disposable nonwoven products are rapidly entering the medical institutions, consciousness to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Such as hepatitis and AIDS and other diseases.  To further promote the increased demand for disposable hospital products, for cleaning, hygiene and protection of the patient and the doctor to prevent infection. Regulatory agencies around the world to implement stricter standards, but also actively promote the use of non-woven fabric. Although the health care sector is increa...
Release time: 2017 - July - 19
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