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How to wear face mask? Do you really know?

Date: 2013-12-11
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"If you are healthy, when you wear a mask, put the dark side facing out; if you're sick, put the light side out," an article of how to wear masks right has been widely spread by Microblog, netizens have said "new skill’s learnt". Reporter online has searched and found that article was reprinted in several well-known websites and hospital websites, many had believed in it.

One of the netizens said, not long ago, Xiangyang city appeared continuous severe haze weather , in order to wear a mask again, this is a timely reminder. Some net users had doubted the truth : some disposable masks are white, how to explain?

Reporters visited some big pharmacies in this city, found that medical masks were placed in the store's eye-catching position, some masks were marked with PM2.5 and other related words. Do you need to distinguish front and back when you wear a mask ? Sales staff replied that never heard of this argument, the right way is to wear the white/light side toward to your face.

How to wear face mask? Are you really understand?

In this regard, the professionals said that this view is totally false,generally there will be instructions on mask packaging of how to wear the mask properly. He also suggested that in the absence of infectious disease epidemic situation, healthy people do not need to wear masks. For patients,it is best to choose the disposable masks. To prevent dust, bacteria and viruses, 8-12 layers of medical masks are recommended. 

Furthermore, do not reuse the disposable mask, usually it has to be changed within 6-8 hours. If it is not in used temporarily, please put it in a bag to avoid dust.

Usually the masks we buy in the pharmacy is common medical masks, it has two sides, the dark side - blue side outward, light side toward to face, In addition, the mask also points up and down,there is a integrated metal stripe , wearing close to the bridge of the nose (as shown above).

Learn the basic structure of the mask, we will understand how to wear a mask properly. 

How to wear face mask? Are you really understand?


1.     Clean your hands, avoid contamination to the inner surface; 


How to wear face mask? Are you really understand?


2.  Wearing: horizontal mask attached to the face and nose, elastic sides hang on each ear. 


How to wear face mask? Are you really understand?


3.  Pull: see as below, both hands in the vertical direction to pull the mask folds so that the mask can fully cover the nose and mouth and chin;


How to wear face mask? Are you really understand?

4.    Press:  in the last, press the metal strip with each index finger , in order to cover your nose and face properly.


How to wear face mask? Are you really understand?


Please note: when you wearing a mask, please avoid to touch the mask too frequently, in case of reducing protection effect;

After removing the mask, wrap the mask with tissue or bag, litter it in a covered waste and wash your hands immediately; do not reuse the disposable masks.


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